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Boss Box HGII


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      The Boss Box Weapons Clearing Systems are designed to withstand bullet impacts from a wide variety of weapons. We offer 4 models that cover many ballistic applications that range from handgun rounds up to military grade 50 caliber armor piercing rounds. These systems can be utilized for weapons clearing devices in facilities or used by gunsmiths as a bench test bullet stop. The Boss Box can be mounted on a table or wall utilizing our specially designed mounts. They can also be mounted on a floor stand that is stationary with rubber pads or a mobile configuration with locking wheel casters.

      • Weapons Clearing System constructed with the table mount incorporated into the body
      • that is designed to stop:
      • (2) two .308 rounds
      • Stops hundreds of rounds from 9mm, 45 Cal & “00” shot gun
      • This unit exceeds NIJ Level III
      • Weight is approximately 22 pounds
      • Dimensions are 6”X8”X10”
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