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Close Quarter Trainer Target 4"


  • Product Description

      The CQT is a reactive plate rack system that uses state-of-the-art polymers and composite technology. The bullets energy is absorbed eliminating flying metal and lead debris as compared to traditional metal targets.

      • CQT is the latest innovation for realistic weapons training
      • Safely train from as close as (1) one foot away to (75) seventy five foot distances
      • Self-healing polymer targets and anti-ricochet plate
      • Easily reset with a pull rope
      • Target is reactive to all calibers ranging from .22 to .50 BMG
      • The deflector plate is coated with our polymer that diminishes flying debris
      • Two models available: The CQT 3 is a 3 plate rack system and The CQT 6 is a 6 plate rack system.
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    • Variant: 9"X4"X1"
    • SKU: WH-0026
    • Weight: 0.87 lb

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