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I’m Impressed

"Very thin and light weight for a product that provides this level of protection. Impressive. Easy to install in the plate carrier. Hope I never have to find out if it works, but I’ll feel safer having it on if the circumstances arise."

Gary O. - Army

Exceeded expectations, super comfortable

No issues here. From my years of experience, I have not been able to purchase soft armor at this price with high quality that fast. For my security detail, all that is needed is a Level II NIJ 05. Seems I can trust a company that clearly states the standard in the description. Thanks White Horse!

Karl C. - Marines - GovX customer

Love it

"The ultra-lightweight bulletproof inserts are as ordered. Excellent quality and as ordered."

Thomas W. - Air Force

Bulletproof Backpack Armor

Protection, when you're on the go!

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Boss Box 50

The only existing bullet trap that can stop multiple 50 Cal AP rounds.